product roadmap.

Updated on December 20, 2022

Here is the updated Roadmap so you can track our progress at YOM. From now on we will be providing a detailed overview of what our team has  accomplished so far and what we have in the works.

- YOM platform update - 12th of Sep 2022- Roadmap towards TGE - 30th of June 2022- Roadmap towards TGE - 13th of May 2022


Q1 Create & deploy
Alpha release Replicator SDK
Alpha release Bridge Webapp

Q2 Alpha release
Alpha release Holodeck Mesh
Run first semi-public use cases

Q2 Portal & build
Beta release Replicator SDK
Start commercial expansion

Q4 Beta release
Beta release Replicator SDK
Beta Release Bridge Webapp


Q1 Stable ecosystem
Security and penetration tests
Prepare community competitions

Q2 Peer-to-peer
Beta release p2p render mesh

Q3 Events & templates
1.0 release Replicator SDK
Start render incentive program

Q4 Full release
1.0 release Holodeck Mesh
1.0 release Bridge Webapp


Mint, manage and deploy assets and metaspaces to your own website.


Stream metaspaces from a cost-efficient rendering network.

sdk (alpha)

Deploy your own premium white-label web3 metaverse and item collections.


Charge items with $YOM to unlock additional features & utility


The migration from Holodeck to the peer-to-peer mesh network


The DAO that governs the content policy on YOM.

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