yom launches new brand identity.

Same strategy, new brand. Look what's changed and what not.
Alex van der Baan
September 9, 2022
4:31 minutes

the start of something great

We’ve  been working hard to evolve at all levels in our organization: we’ve  hired dedicated hardworking talent to help us build the YOM platform,  reach new milestones, and set up the foundation of our company culture.

Along the way, we’ve found new ways to communicate our story &  mission about an open, distributed metaverse. And as a part of the  progress, we’ve made on that front, we are beyond proud to announce the  launch of a whole new brand identity to reflect even more of who we are  and what we stand for. With guidance from our friends & partners at Positivity Branding, we  could better understand the nuances of our personality traits, values,  and goals, while making sure we communicate them in a clear manner.  Here’s why this matters:

from the tiny acorn grows the mighty oak.

Key  importance lies in the hands of creators. Creators are the inspirators,  changemakers & heroes that build communities & give meaning to  life as we see it today. Yet, major platforms don’t put them first. Throughout our journey, we’ve spent countless hours trying to find a viable  solution for creators. Creative freedom in the digital Web2 world is  constrained by too many rules, purely defined by platforms. It’s often  the case that creators don’t own their own creations. The life of an  artist shouldn’t be a battle for survival. And we’re here to change  that. Currently,  there’s a new digital frontier, waiting to be conquered by digital  creatives. We believe the metaverse is that once-in-a-lifetime  opportunity that will empower artists to take back control of their  creative power & show how awesome their creations can be.Here’s  how we envision creators combining talent and technology to bring the  next level of experience by hosting their own 3-D virtual events to a  global audience of fans:

content is kingdom. creators are kings & queens

Our mission is to continuously develop decentralized solutions that enable  an inclusive society and inspire people to experience amazing  interoperable & interconnected virtual worlds. By stimulating content ownership and creative freedom, YOM’s infrastructure  technology will enable artists and brands to smoothly transition their  content into unique Web3 interactive experiences, streamed through any  device directly to your own channels. With  the endless possibilities of building a 3D experience with Unreal  Engine 5, brands and creators can kickstart a whole new level of  immersion & build a strong community around it.

from product to experience

YOM’s  function is to facilitate the building of 3D experiences by making them  accessible and convenient. The  brands that are driven by the formula “Engaging + Interactive =  Meaningful” will be the ones to build authentic communities that go way  beyond selling a product. A new era has begun, where the creation of  virtual experiences can engage communities towards action and allow for  long-lasting emotional connections between brands and consumers.

experience is the new epic

The wild card for brands, transitioning from the Web2 world to Web3, will  be offering a unique tailored virtual experience to their audiences. One of the most effective ways to go with  that is to provide an SDK (software development kit) which would give  access to a professional toolkit for building cross-compatible virtual  experiences. Thanks  to pixel streaming technology and cloud hosting, brands can craft  photorealistic metaverse experiences that run on any device — Yes, even  on the laptop of your grandmother. The  ease of building high-fidelity virtual experiences together with the  ease of access by fans and communities combines the best of both worlds.  By tackling two issues from multiple angles, YOM gives birth to a  flourishing environment with innovative ways to create, build and monetize.

the road to creative freedom

It’s been evident that through time, technology has been a key enabler for  creative expression. In the same line of thought, YOM’s mission for  inclusive meta-society involves the integration of blockchain  technology. We’ve  found that blockchain technology will help us onboard brands and  artists to the metaverse, because of its innovative solutions. Its  revolutionary aspect opens a whole new range of possibilities for monetization. Whether  you want to sell your space or your merchandise as an NFT, it’s all on  your own terms. But what’s different now is the story behind that NFT.  It’s a story told to global audiences and collectively made in  collaboration with your most loyal fans. This is the ultimate touchpoint  where human beings grow in tandem with technology to build a creative,  inclusive, and engaged society.

what’s next

Now,  as part of our rebranding process, we’ve also launched a brand new  website where you can explore all the possibilities YOM offers so you  can take advantage of all the opportunities mentioned above.

Visit our website here — yom.ooo

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