tech demo at MetAms.

YOM at the first metaverse festival in Amsterdam.
Alex van der Baan
April 22, 2022
42 seconds

tech demo at metams.

We exhibited at metams and it was great to see so many Web3 believers gathered in one place. We gave a taste of our latest tech development: spawning your nft’s into the virtual space and playing around with them! Our next step is to actually make them playable in the near future.

In the video, we introduce the concept of “virtual items” which are immutable 3d assets stored on the Solana blockchain and IPFS storage. These items are visible in our Marketplace where they are up for sale. When enter a Metaspace and connect their wallet, the acquired items become available for use in the experience. The showcase generated a lot of positive feedback at the fair, including responses that YOM is “building the true metaverse” and has “a real interoperable solution”.