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designed to empower.

the infrastructure enabling you to create, deploy and manage your own metaverse.

open ecosystem.

integrate your own custom metaverse with realtime data, triggers, devices, stores, sites and the blockchain.

stream at scale.

we enable you to pixelstream high quality cross-device UE5 metaverse experiences from your website or app at low costs.


craft and deploy your own photorealistic Web3 metaverses and collections in a matter of weeks using our SDK.


  • Start with predefined templates.
  • Set your verse's preview camera.
  • Define spawn portals & gated access.


  • Create Web3 items in UE5.
  • Add interactivity & logic to them.
  • Set item airdrop conditions.


  • Read from realtime data sources.
  • Set tracking triggers for analytics.
  • Send (on-chain) events/data.


control your metaverse, Web3 collectables and integrations from the comfort of the Bridge Webapp.


  • Tokenize your collections as NFTs.
  • Set the quality of your metaverse.​
  • Start, stop or redeploy metaspaces.​


  • Connect your hardware & devices.​
  • Connect your social media.​
  • Connect your Web3 collections.​


  • Cap users and streaming costs.​
  • Whitelist domains and content.​
  • Trigger realtime actions and events


stream your metaverse from our peer-to-peer infrastructure to your site and channels and watch your fans engage.


  • Embed easily on your website.
  • No impact on site performance.​
  • Supports cross-device multiplayer.​


  • Sell Web3 directly from your site.​
  • Receive pixel streaming royalties.​
  • Collect product placement rewards.


  • Login via your Web3 wallet.​
  • Login as guest without wallet.
  • Integrate custom authentication.

the open paradigm.

we are building the foundations for a scalable and carbon-free virtual future.

next generation experiences.

consume quality graphics and gameplay at scale, instantly accessible from the browser on any device.
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distributed rendering.

leverage the scale and efficiency of a peer-to-peer rendering mesh as opposed to costly data centers.
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a dao for social good.

content on the network is tagged, flagged and governed by a self-organizing community.
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turn on. tune in.

Experience the benefits and scale of peer-to-peer rendering.

powered by a single token

optimizing the metaverse for cost-efficiency and performance.

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accessible. programmable. interoperable.

Explore the foundation of our infrastructure below.

Replicator SDK

Create mind-blowing metaspaces and Web3 collections using the Replicator SDK for Unreal Engine.


  • Set default streaming camera.
  • Set portals and spawn points.
  • Set NFT gated access.


  • Set NFT airdrop triggers.
  • Set realtime event / data listeners.
  • Write on-chain events / data.


  • Create new game modes & mechanics.
  • Create new HUDS and player modes
  • Create new item / avatar collections.

Bridge dApp

Configure, tokenize and sell/deploy your Web3 experiences and collectibles to any site, channel, store or marketplace using the Bridge dApp.


- Connect your own hardware and data.
- Enable the hyper-portalling network.
- Cap users and/or streaming costs.


- Tokenize any asset.
- Distribute your NFT collections.
- Deploy your metaspace.

Holodeck Cloud

The holodeck cloud enables Web3 connectivity, streaming and networking for your metaspaces.

Users connect with the holodeck cloud when they portal to your metaspace on your site.


  • Stream to any website and channel.
  • Stream premium 4K graphics to any device.
  • Multiplayer until 35 concurrent players.


  • Sell NFT collections on your storefront.
  • Partake in streaming + creation royalties.
  • Collect analytics / events.


  • Metamask wallet.
  • Phantom wallet.
  • Guest login.
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      Engineering the metaverse with industry leaders.

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      secrets unraveled

      In this simple FAQ.

      how do users access my metaverse?

      Users can access your experience in multiple ways:

      1. Traditional: users navigate to your website and connect with your metaverse, either as guest or with their Web3 wallet.

      2. Metaverse: users open a hyper-portal from another metaverse and by entering it, seamlessly navigate to your site and metaverse.

      how do I deploy my Unreal Engine project on YOM?

      Since building, deploying and managing multiplayer Web3 experiences is quite complicated, YOM offers a webapp from where you can build, deploy and manage your metaverse from a simple user interface.

      In order to link these two together you need to 1) configure the SDK into your Unreal Engine project and 2) invite YOM to the Github project that you want to convert into a metaverse. We handle the rest - as easy as that.

      can users authenticate without Web3 wallet?

      Yes, a user may decide to login as a guest without wallet.

      However, guests cannot collect NFTs or chat - and their accounts are wiped afterwards.

      can I integrate my own data sources, screenshares or equipment?

      You are in complete control over your application.

      That means you can send any type of data to it - as long as you whitelist the address where it is coming from.

      can I make my metaverse part of an integrated customer journey?

      Yes you can - your metaverse can communicate back and forth with your website.

      That means you can create product configurators or interactive virtual catwalks to showcase the fashion that users can directly add to their shopping basket after they experienced it.

      Or mini-games that provide top players a uniquely branded baseball caps (example) or discounts on their next order.

      which blockchains are supported?

      So far, only authentication via your Phantom Wallet on Solana is supported.

      Support for integrating Metamask and NFTs on EVM based chains is expected in Q2 of 2023.

      can I airdrop items to users from any existing NFT collection?

      Currently, you can use YOM to directly airdrop NFTs from any (existing) Solana collection.
      The reason for Solana is that the gas fees are close to zero - whereas with Polygon and Ethereum the associated costs are significantly higher.

      We are working on a solution to cover these chains as well.

      can I pause or limit the amount of users in an experience?

      You own the experience - so you can pause it. You can ban users that violate the rules set by you.
      You can also limit the amount of users that can concurrently access the experience.

      which devices are supported?

      All devices are supported except for VR at this moment in time. Do note that only the Brave browser for Android and iPhone support true web3 wallet authentication.

      sounds good, how do I pay for hosting?

      To pay for hosting costs, you can either do that by sending tokens to your escrow account or via regular invoicing.

      Basic: $0.64 (requires custom lightmaps) per user/hour
      Quality: $0.96 (all UE5 features enabled) per user/hour

      YOM currently offers the most cost-efficient pixelstreaming solution on the market and with the release of the peer-to-peer infrastructure update, prices will be even lower.

      limited only by your imagination.

      So give your fans what they deserve. A red pill.

      simple pay-per- use


      / per streaming

      2.5% NFT royalty kickback


      Create your own interactive Web3 collectibles and experiences with the Unreal Engine and Unity SDK.
      available soon


      Sell your collectibles and experiences as NFTs on any store, marketplace and/or the YOM Official Store.
      start enrollment
      free until 3 concurrent users


      Stream your deployed experiences from your own website and channels with just a few lines of code.
      available soon
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